Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Headscarf : H&M
Blazer : ZARA
Bag : Prada
Heels : Mango
Location : Summer Palace, Beijing


Fahad Scale said...
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Fahad Scale said...

CHIC & FABULOUS at the same time!
truly inspiring!!!

Kak Dian, i just wanna give you an opinion
you blog has an awesome layout, your quality photos are really good, and not to mention your style is beyond amazing
but you need to re-check before you post, especially when you uploaded a landscape / square picture
it looks bigger than your blogpost box

sayang banget kak
kalau bisa di resize photo nya
atau dibesarin box blogpost nya supaya pas :D

i'm looking forward to meet you again in another fashion event! xoxo

Mr. Rebel in Town

MyNamesIram said...

That belt and shoes just pull the whole outfit onto the next level. And your background is absolutely stunning. Love your blog. xx

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