Friday, July 18, 2014


Headscarf : Dian Pelangi
Top : ZARA
Pants : Bamboo Blonde
Location : Little India, Singapore


Chahrazad said...

Awesome pants.


firda aulia said...

georgeous as always ♡

Thesa Kurnia Sary said...

sukaaaa tas nyaaa , cute ^^

Valentijn said...

Keren banget gayanya mb Dian.. Hehee..
Visit blog saya yaa.. said...

cantik banget roknya ;)

نورول نور اليانا said...

So pretty!!!! I am from Brunei

hadi agustin said...

very pretty..
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wahdah said...

Ngefans bgt sma k dian,tulis kiat2 buat jdi designer profesional n sukses dong k

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