Monday, March 24, 2014

The Launching: Spa by Norfasarie and Kid Spa by Mika & Moza


Hello my loves! It’s been so long right to read my latest post? Alhamdulillah, I’ve been having a nice trip to Beijing with my beloved friends kak Lulu Elhasbu, Afida Sukma, and others. You, too, should have yourself relaxed between school or work stuff sometimes for having a super boosted energy to continue every slice of life!

On March 23rd, I flew from Jakarta to Singapore specially for my best friend’s event, kak Norfasarie, who just launched her own Spa: Spa by Norfasarie and Kid Spa by Mika & Moza! So excited! The interior was just so cute and cozy because it targets family and kids to feel relaxing spa. You can bring your beloved ones; mother, sister, cousin or niece because it would be a great girls’ day out! Alhamdulillah, the event was so successful, congratulations Kak Norfasarie!

Spa by Norfasarie
302, Changi Road Singapore, Singapore 419780
Phone: 67449564

With Love
Dian Pelangi


Chahrazad said...

Would love to visite that spa some day. Hopefully when I am in Singapore one day in sha Allah!


Rizky Poo said...

Norfasarie or Normafasarie sist???
:D said...

warna biru sebagai tema pembukaan spa nya bagus banget ya kak

kevinkyno akshan said...

Waaaww, suka banget sama warna birunya. Melting jadinya. Pengen deh backround Butiksahira kayak gitu juga.