Sunday, August 4, 2013

Eid Inspiration : La Vie en Rose

Makeup inspiration for Eid
Get the look!

Follow this easy steps.
You will need:
Wardah Exclusive Liquid Foundation, Wardah Exclusive Two way cake, Wardah Blush on, Wardah Pink Eye shadow, Wardah Brown Eye shadow, Wardah Black Liquid Eyeliner or Wardah Black Pencil Eyeliner, Wardah White Eyeliner Pencil, Wardah Peach Brown Exclusive Lipstick, and Wardah Pale Pink Wondershine.

Step 1: Apply Wardah Exclusive Liquid Foundation

Step 2 : Apply Wardah Exclusive Two way cake

Step 3 : Apply Wardah Blush on

Step 4 : Apply Wardah Pink Eye shadow for inner eye and crease

Step 5 : Apply Wardah Brown Eye shadow for lid

Step 6 : Apply Wardah Black liquid eyeliner or Pencil eyeliner on the upper lash line and apply some white eyeliner on the lower lash line

Step 7 : Shape the eyebrow using Wardah Brown Eyebrow pencil

Step 8 : Apply Wardah Peach Brown Exclusive lipstick

Step 9 : Add some Pale Pink Wardah Wondershine


Eid Mubarak everyone!
May the Guidance and Blessings of Allah be with you and your family! :)


mommyvengers said...

Cantiknya Dian, MasyaAllah..

Miss K said...

beautiful! selamat hari raya ❀ much love from Brunei ❀

Meilina Utomo said...

Love the amazing collection :)


Unknown said...

Selamat hari raya Dian :)
Thanks for the makeup steps.

My Own Fairytale said...

Eid mobarak dear sister.


Unknown said...

wah, soft banget cocok buat lebaran
makasih inspirasinmya :)

Tara Filliana said...


Unknown said...

Subhanallah dian cantikk bgtt;)

Noralia Ayu said...

Soft inspiring :))

Rivinan Fashion Blog said...

without makeup pun sudah cantik kak, subhanallah visit our blog on : We're newbie on fashion blog, please give a reccomendation, thnks ;)))

more than dessertarian said...

Indonesian beauty <3

Unknown said...

MasyaAllah, bagus. Makasih tipsnya ya mbak Dian. :)