Thursday, March 1, 2012

Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik..

Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh..

Dian Pelangi and Putra Pamenang Haji & Umrah
would like to invite you, Muslim and Muslimah
to join our spiritual journey, Umrah to Mecca and Madina
plus tour to Dubai

The trip will commence on beginning of July
for more details, please see the picture above
or, please contact:
Bella 085640404091
Maria 087731517979
Teguh 085658888231

Imam Baqir (A.S.) said :

"Everyone completing a recitation of the Holy Quran in Makkah won't die unless he sees the Prophet (S.A.W.) and his own place in the Heaven."

"One prayer in the Masjid-al-Haram is 100000 times more valuable than one prayer in any other mosques."

"Entering Kaaba is like entering into God's Mercy."

So, Let's Fastabiqul Khairat! :)
Wassalamu'alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh


Din Hikmah said...

shollu 'alaa muhammad..

Hijabixue said...

Mashaa'Allah i always love to visit Mecca. Inshaa'Allah next month i will be going there too. You are not just beautiful miss Dian, you also have a good heart :)


Unknown said...

assalamualaykum dian..i'm from malaysia..luckily i'm ur 8000 followers..:) really love ur style..looking forwar to meet u..:) salam kenal..xx

aindzaya said...

luckily nice to meet you :)

"Kenapa akak pakai niqab?".