Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coming Soon : Singapore!

There's too much 'coming soon' thingy on my blog :p




Coming soon,
Dian Pelangi and Wardah Cosmetic go to Singapore :)


Asyik Izas said...

stylish as always..:) from malaysia:)

aliah syafiqah said...

ALLAH create are so beautiful.
sungguh cantek sekali. from malaysia.

Laila said...

MashaAllah! ;) you look so beautiful, I adore the colour of the outfit, and the pants are so awesome!

Eja ^_^ said...
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Eja ^_^ said...

love your outfit.
subhannallah ciptaan Allah
paling cantik :)

keep up your good
work with proper muslimah attire.
love to read more here.


Dina Mirza said...

always love your style dian...


eye*da said...

Assalamualaikum Dian!

Looking gorgeous as always! The hijab you're wearing caught my eyes. It's from your own collection?

In fact, why not looking forward market your collections and Wardah cosmetics to Malaysia?

Till then,

Anonymous said...

Salam Sis from Singapore!

Can you make a hijab tutorial for this hijab style? I loike! So stylistas!

Avid reader,

Syamin Amira said...

I'm from Malaysia. And I have to admit that you're so gorgeous.

Murni Ateerah [ MonTheAmomo ] said...

G O R G E O U S !

Mustika Hayati said...

aah bagus banget, cantik kak !

Anonymous said...

i really like this styels that you are wearing you do look really pretty i'm not sure about my spelling but yes you do look very cute too
can i borrow some images for my blog if you mind
my blog
just type the url i don't why it dosen't work in the search bar

Anonymous said...

I like your style. Can u tell us how u wrap that scarf? Do a tutorial pleaseee

Anggelia said...

wow ur hijab looks great!
please please do a tutorial how to wear that hijab!

Mila Anzib said...

The first picture would be super super cool for Wardah's printed campaign! :)
So lively, young, and fresh!
But overall, I ADORE the whole thing...
Such a simple way to look super chic with an additional of Dian Pelangi's long cardi (isn't it?). :)

so many ♥♥♥ for this blog!

p.s. I agreed with all those tutorial requests!
we're waiting Kak!

Colour Me Fuschia

Sekar Atmahayu said...

u'r so stylish although u wore hijab. really inspiring.. :)
Love ur style always :)

Azza is my name... said...

Luv ur style...^_^.

Shasha_Juliet said...

Assalamualaikum sister Dian! =)
When exactly are u coming to Singapore..??
Are u selling those tye dye ur wearing?? Please do! Lots of love!<3