Sunday, May 15, 2011

Aquila Asia





The Beach Bedouin said...

What a nice article! May Allah swt. bless and reward you and your family for all the good you are doing..
Mashaallah keep it up!

The Beach Bedouin said...

Dear Dian,

I would like to make a post about you at my new hijab blog:
and so wanted to ask if I may use your pictures for it?

Anonymous said...

Good job and well done kak dian! :)

fifianggun said...

well done! said...

already read it 2 days ago in the magz,,
dian = adorable :)

Chermie by Ninik Irawati said...

rasanya pengen jadi modelnya kak dian pelangi..memakai berbagai model kerudung >.<

sukses kakak