Saturday, August 14, 2010

Messy Berry

I am now loving this hijab style, so easy yet stylish, little bit slouchy but so nowadays :D
just put the headband, put the hijab as usual, and no pin needed!
that's it! :D


Eveanand said...

so cute :D

Holy Crackers said...

masha'Allah, i have to say you are pretty amazing!

i love the way you did you hijab and want to thank you because it truly is comfortable and efficient to wear =)

puteri said...

a love it.. quite easy to wear..can u show me how to wear it..i mean 'demo'..thnks..

Raini Munti said...

yeah i love that :)

Dian Pelangi said...

thanks everyone! the hijab style is so easy, right? :) XXooo