Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Egyptian's Life

I was taking a short Arabic course in Egypt for 3 months..

first impression, Egypt is jorok

but look how do they look in the night, just like a bencong isn't it, ugly in the day but beautiful in the night :D

just look how jorok they are

they're jorok

dusty, anyway this is the view from my hotel's balcony when am just arrived

but there's some beautiful place like Pyramid, as known as 'Ahram'

and there's so much mosque, this is Amr Ibn Ash Mosque

Imam Syafi'i mosque

Shalahuddin El-Ayyubi Mosque
Al-Azhar Mosque

Sultan Hasan Mosque
Ibn Tulun Mosque

and some exotic place just like Khan El Khalily
egyptian museum

even in the rooftop is so exotic for mee
and Alexandria for sure
okeh about me, I live in Griya Jateng, located at Hay Asyir, more likely a mansion that have 6 rooms inside

I took the room #6

view from inside

and when the door closed, hehe lil bit mess

view from my room, little bit mess

lovely is it?

I love to put my self aside and stare at the outside, feel the sound of the windblow, and say, damn! I'll be missing this place so damnly bad
streets view near my mansion

there's Shell around Griya Jateng, aww always remind me of him then :p

every sunday and friday, there's Suq Sayyarat (car market) they sells their cars in here

so much penjual buah around
so much Indonesian restaurant also, this is Warteg, located at Musallats

another cool food is Foul and Isy, this is when I took a breakfast at ka Ipech's house

but there's some cool syawerma in front of my mansion

even found pempek here!

I always use bus for transportation

I look cooler I thot when I took the bus.. apalagi kalo berdiri.. :p

always waiting for the bus in mahattah for sure. makes me healthy how I should walk to mahattah first then

anyway, found ZARA awww

found bodyshop too! thanks God! for saving my life :)

and newly found Virgin.. nice bookstore

and MCD! they're always been loved!

this is me and ka Ipech, who help me everything from the start

mamam Inna, also help me make everything happen

mbak O'oh who always accompany me in griya and around

abang Dafi and kak Achy who always been jahil and so mean to me, so I ask them to pose like this in my farewell :D

gank Citystar (it's a mall) minus mas Ridjal

mas Burgal, the photographer

kak Dewi who teach me how to make piscok :D

kak Icha, kak Cida, mamam Inna, we used to drink asyir (juice) in here

ka Icha who teach me make a Nasi Kuning, she's so fun and niceee

kak Shofie, she smells like a baby, she always being a 'mbak'

we love each other

ka Izzu, who always teaching me how to speak Amiyah well because he was born in Egypt

ka Rully who always being jahat but so fun

ayuk ayuk Palembang who always fun!

kakak kakak KKS who always been good to me alot!

french class friend never end!

ammu Ridhe and kak Fuad are always been good to me :)

now it's over, this is my farewell
I'll be missing the environment, the traffics, the flats, and the sun
and the way it used to shines
I do.. and always do :)


dsy said...

the night view is beautiful! and the maxi dress on the last picture is soo lovely!

Dian Pelangi said...

aaaa thanks mbak Dsy, this is my fav too :))

Unknown said...

entar honeymoon balik lagi yaaa:P

Dian Pelangi said...

siaaaaaaap kak Mayaaa :D padahal maci betaaah :(

Irfan Wahid said...

terharu membacanya T_T

yang baru tiga bulan aja sudah segini kangennya sama kairo. apalagi yang tinggal di sana ya? :D

Rizqi Anilah said...

very nice scenery dian

My ViRtUaL HoUsE said...

haiii lam kenal..
aq naksir rose pink nya :')

nisanoor said...

nice to know ur blog n u as a young talented fashion designer :))

Mesir negara impian gw.. thx,for sharing the picts over there

♥this post much

Dian Pelangi said...

thanks everyone :) hope you like it :)

parfumania said...

i like it,,,
thanks for the sharing*_*
aq bnr2 sk,,dulu aq pny mimpi bs ke cairo,,tp yg kesampean cm tmn2, ka'shofie alias mbak'chengpi itu jg tmnQ,,
u r a great fashion designer...!!!

thE aNti PropaNista said...

hye im frm m'sia..when 1st did view this blog,one thing was cross my mind are u so gorgeous
n pretty..i like ur styles..where u bought all the tie dye dresses?its looks very nice n adorable..

[i.l.y.a] said...

hi dian, awhh browsing this post make me feel like im walking down a memory lane.

I studied in Egypt, (in mansoura to be precise) a while ago and i've been to almost all places u've been. Even room 6 at Griya Jateng. It's soo cool.

I am Malaysian and I adores your blog soo very much. Take care sister :)

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