Sunday, May 2, 2010

about me

this is me, Dian. I love pink and turqoise..

but I love rainbow the most..

I love rainbow the most..

I love rainbow the most..

and I love rainbow the most..

and rainbow the most :p

this is my besties, Lia and Uni

I have a boyfriend, let's call him mas Tito,

he's so oriental,

I love him, because he's so care,



and he's a thinker,

sometimes, he's just being sweet,

this is my family (I already told you in the post before)

I like being different,

in the past, I was a model

yes I was a model

now, I am a fashion designer

but now I am continuing my study to Cairo, Egypt

no, not in Al-Azhar University, but that's one of my dream

I love di poto bokeh,

di poto with sunshine juga seneng,

I love cooking, walopun belom terlalu bisa

I love Mayestik, that's one of my heaven

everywhere I go, I always bring this orange water tumbler,

I love to wear accessories, especially this rose ring. I can't see something plain

my favorite face part is my eyes

yes, my eyes

anyway, this is me when I'm 5 years old :)

5 things I hate about me:
- gak enakan (I dont have any idea what does it means in english)
- gak suka sayur
- latahnya jelek (eh monyong..)
- suka ngebandingin
- agak ribet

5 things I like about me:
- love to learn new things
- well-planned
- having a vibra sound
- cepet nyambung sama orang baru
- ingin selalu menjadi yang pertama, yang selalu memimpin

5 facts about me:
- pengen banget jadi mahasiswi Al-Azhar Cairo
- terobsesi pake cadar
- cepet suka sama orang, tapi susah sayang sama orang
- seneng dipanggil 'ade'
- suka lagu lagu melayu


Anonymous said...

nice post :) cool ... n funny ... :) jangan pake cadar :D

dsy said...

hello.. salam kenal.. fotonya bagus2 deh.. and I also love pink & turqoise..! :D

Irna Shahram said...

mba dian kerennn...

Dian Pelangi said...

Azhar, nah I'm just kidding
dsy, salam kenal jugaa :D hehehe for sure they are gorgeous! can't live without Pink and Turqoise!
mba Irna, hehehe jadi mayu *_* makasii mbak :)

Atiqah Adnan said...

salam dian..
its me atiqah from malaysia..
cantiknye kamu..
macam arab..
nice blog.. i will follow u..
love ur style..! ^^

cimut munniey :) said...

dian dian dian! :)

nice ring hah! badewayy, i love the way you dress up and the thing that you adore lagu malay! woow!

such amazing one! HAKHAK!


Atiqah Abdullah said...

cantik banget.
boleh ajarin gimana pake hijab poto nombor 10 yang dengan bf.boleh nggak?

desni utami said...

"ingin selalu menjadi yang pertama, yang selalu memimpin"
:) mungkin karena namanya Dian Wahyu UTAMI
Utami means pertama

Anonymous said...

- gak enakan
- gak suka sayur
- latahnya jelek (eh monyong..)

we have something in common dear..:D
well..nice blog sist..i'm enjoying read your blog..salam kenal..")

ephy scarf said...


salam kenalll